What Coolant Should I Use For a 2004 Bentley Arnage T?

Question: What Coolant Should I Use For a 2004 Bentley Arnage T?
Answer: BMW Antifreeze/Coolant (Blue)

Vehicle: 2004 Bentley Arnage T (6.75 Liter V8 Twin Turbo)

Recently, the ENGINE COOLANT notification lit up on my dashboard, indicating that the coolant level was low. Had this been in my old Toyota 4Runner, I would have kicked off the reservoir cap, spit down the tank, slap the cap back on and call it a day! That might be a bit of hyperbole, but I certainly wouldn’t have lost any sleep over such a problem. The Bentley, however- that’s a different story. Low engine coolant can be indicative of something as minor as needing to add a little coolant- or something major like a blown head gasket!


Located under the hood are two labels (next to each tank) that read as follows:


Use only anti-freeze/coolant purchased from a
Rolls-Royce Franchise Holder – Part number UE70936
Concentration 50% antifreeze/coolant and 50% water
Check anti-freeze/coolant before every winter

If you are like me, you are uncomfortable with the two different spellings of “anti-freeze” and “antifreeze” on the same label. Not exactly the level of perfection I expect from Bentley/Rolls, but I guess I am being too picky- and this is beside the point of this article. 🙂

In the interest of being overly careful, I took the car to a Rolls-Royce/Bentley specialist and he recommended draining and refilling the coolant with BMW blue coolant (which is likely the exact same formula as the Bentley-labeled supply). The aluminum engine requires the blue antifreeze. Using the wrong type of coolant can cause a chemical reaction with engine components causing a premature, and costly failure.

There are two coolant tanks under the hood which are highlighted in this photo. NEVER CHECK COOLANT LEVELS ON A HOT ENGINE. Check the levels of each tank. Both of these tanks can be observed with the engine cover panel on or off.

Here is the video about my ENGINE COOLANT light experience. I must confess, I was a bit nervous initially. Fortunately, this turned out to be a minor issue and was quickly corrected.

I am just a guy on the internet. I am not a mechanic. Follow my advice at your own risk. Consult your owner manual or a specialist for professional advice.


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I had the opportunity to create content for Doug DeMuro, editor of


2004 Bentley Arnage T-24 Mulliner Archive Project

In January 2004, Bentley Motors announced a limited run of Bentley Arnage sedans to commemorate Bentley’s sixth win in the Le Mans 24-hours. Just 24 of these cars were produced for the US, and 16 more for the rest of the world. The Bentley Arnage T was restyled by Bentley Mulliner (essentially, Bentley’s customization department). Mulliner handles requests from customers for things as simple as monogrammed seats, to elaborate body modifications. The goal was to give the Arnage T clear visual links to the Bentley Speed 8s race car that won Le Mans in June 2003.

The 2004 Bentley Arnage T-24 has the following special identifying features.

  • Distinctive Louvres on the Front Fenders (Shark Gills)
  • Union Jack Badge with the Number “24”
  • Highly-polished Split-rim 19 inch Alloy Wheels
  • Body-colored Front and Rear Lamp Bezels
  • Quad Exhaust Pipe Finishers
  • Redesigned Rear Bumper
  • Carbon-fiber Inserts for the Dash Gauge Surround, Door Trim and Picnic Tables
  • ‘T-24 Mulliner’ kickplates
  • Demister Ducts and Interior Mirror Surround Have Same Color as the Hide

One of the aspects that I most greatly appreciate about the T-24 is the classic “Old World” Bentley/Rolls Royce style combined with modern touches such as carbon fiber and visual sportiness. It’s this combination that makes this special and limited edition quite appealing to me.

I’ve decided to create this repository of sorts for this car. Below, you will find a comprehensive source of information that I have compiled about these cars. I invite fellow T-24 fans and owners to share any additions, feedback, or verifiable corrections.

U.S. Cars

LHD - Gray / Black
#1 of 24302164/13/2013
#2 of 24
#3 of 24
#4 of 24
#5 of 24
LHD - Gray / Gray
#6 of 24179609/16/2016
LHD - Silver / Black
#7 of 245242012/1/2013
LHD - Green / Tan
#8 of 24202326/23/2016
LHD - Black / Black
#9 of 2417266
LHD - Black / Black
#10 of 24646761/22/2014
LHD - Gray / Black
#11 of 242009
#12 of 24
LHD - Silver / Black
#13 of 245337
#14 of 24
LHD - Silver / Black
#15 of 2435853
LHD - Gray / Black
#16 of 245281011/13/2015
LHD - Black / Black
#17 of 245452912/15/2016
LHD - Silver / Gray
#18 of 24298935/11/2016
LHD - Silver / Black
#19 of 24274644/18/2016
#20 of 24
LHD - Black / Black
#21 of 24487638/13/2013
LHD - Black / Black
#22 of 2496997/13/2013
#23 of 24
#24 of 24

* Sequence is based on the production date (primary) and serial number (secondary). I am unable to find official documentation on how the cars are ordered (so this is my speculation).

** Mileage listed is based on the last-published odometer reading.

Official Photos:
arnage-t24-1 arnage-t24-2 arnage-t24


How To Replace the Key Fob Battery for a Bentley Arnage

To replace the battery in the key fob of the Bentley Arnage, the following tools are required:

  • Large Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Very Small Flat Head Screwdriver

The battery size required is CR1620. Follow the instructions in the video for more details.

I was able to purchase a 5-pack of these batteries on Amazon for $3.94. That breaks down to $0.79 for a single battery to fix the dead keyless entry remote. If all my other service items cost anything like this, this whole Bentley ownership should be a cakewalk.


2004 Bentley Arnage Delivery! Day: 1

Yay! The Bentley arrived this week and I could not be more excited.