YouTube Certified Master Automobile Technician Patch

Holy cow! I saw this online recently and thought it was a hilarious idea…

With so many self-proclaimed car experts on the internet these days (such as myself), it’s nice to know that you can become YouTube certified for the mere price of a jacket patch. I don’t know who the original creator of this patch is, as there are already several knock-off versions, but kudos for this clever idea!


Bentley Repair Shop Guide

A question I see frequently from owners (or soon-to-be owners) of pre-owned Bentley’s is: Where should I have my Bentley serviced? Dealerships can be unnecessarily expensive, so I tend to seek out independent specialists. Below is a list of shops that shops that I would recommend based on my experience. These are shops that I have contacted for services such as pre-purchase inspections, regular maintenance, parts, or just general questions. I will add to this list based on my experiences and recommendations from trusted sources.


South Bay British
4738 W. 156th Street
Lawndale, CA 90260
(310) 725-0075
I ordered a pre-purchase inspection from this shop.


Sam Smyth Imported Car Service, Inc
8773 Remington Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
I contacted this shop via the owner’s YouTube channel and he provided detailed information regarding a question I had.


Precision Autoworks
720 Valley Ridge Cir, Suite 10
Lewisville, TX 75057
(214) 502-4502
I bring my Arnage to this shop for routine service.

Parts Resources

Flying Spares
Excellent resource for Bentley parts. I’ve made several purchases from this website. Shipping from the UK can take a couple weeks.


Bentley Arnage Service Schedule

In order to keep the Bentley Arnage running in top shape, it is important to adhere to the factory’s recommended service schedule. My 2004 Bentley Arnage T will be due for its 60k mile service soon. I will document that service on the YouTube channel. Please note that I have compiled this schedule specifically for my model and trim.

This information was compiled using the Bentley Arnage Service Schedules and Record Book, the advice of my mechanic, and the twin turbo 6.75 liter Bentley Arnage T, Arnage R, & Arnage RL 2002-2006 Service Kits available on The kits are also for the Bentley Azure and Bentley Brooklands. To verify if this service schedule applies to your vehicle, check your owner manual, service record book, specialist or dealer.

Schedule Service Type
10000 miles or 1 year A
20000 miles or 2 years A & B
30000 miles or 3 years A & C
40000 miles or 4 years A & B
50000 miles or 5 years A & D
60000 miles or 6 years A, B, C & E
70000 miles or 7 years A
80000 miles or 8 years A & B
90000 miles or 9 years A & C
100000 miles or 10 years A, B, D & F

After 100,000 miles, the schedule repeats. After 15 years, replace the ABS/ASC modulator relays.

Here are the main items for each service type.

Service A
Replace Oil
Replace Oil Filter
Replace Transmission Oil
Replace new sealing washer for engine sump plug
Replace Pollen Filters
Replace Keyless Remote Batteries
Lubricate the gear range selector rod
Remove foreign matter from: radiator, condenser, oil cooler, steering system oil cooler, charge coolers, & gearbox oil cooler

Inspect the following: hydraulic system, exhaust system, braking system, body drains, engine mounts, gearbox mounts, sub-frame mounts, engine drive belt, fuel system, turbocharger rubber hoses, steering column universal joints, couplings, steering rack flexible gaiters, track rod, front axle ball joints, drive-shaft gaiters, bottom radiator hose, tire treads, tire pressure, brake pads, parking brake & cables, coolant hoses & clips, coolant levels, washer fluid, central hydraulic system reservoir fluid, brake fluid, ABS modulator, water cooled charge cooler fan & pump, E-box, ECM cooling fan, wiper blades, batteries, spare wheel, seat belts, lights & horn, and steering.

Service B
Replace Brake Fluid
Lubricate Door Check Mechanisms & Clevis Pins

Inspect the following: gearbox actuator breather, undercarriage, final drive, brake calipers & dust seals, brake discs & parking brake drums, remote control locking and anti-theft system, and bodywork.

Service C
Lubricate the Gear Range Selector Rod
Replace the Transmission Oil Intake Strainer
Lubricate the Height Control Valve Ball Joint
Lubricate the Brake Push Rod Clevis Pin
Replace the Spark Plugs
Replace the Coolant

Inspect the following: dampers and front & rear convoluted seals.

Service D
Replace the Air Filter Elements
Replace the Secondary Air Injection Filter

Service E
Inspect the Gas Charge Pressure in the Hydraulic Accumulator
Replace the Leak Detection Pump Filter
Replace Brake Caliper Seals
Replace Brake Caliper flexible Hoses
Replace the Final Drive Oil

Service F
Replace Main Fuel Filter
Replace the Evaporative Loss Control Canister
Replace the Engine Drive Belt
Replace the Oxygen Sensors
Inspect the Induction System


Bentley Arnage Coupe – Two-door Arnage T

In case anybody is looking for the sickest Bentley Arnage, here it is! At first glance, most people do not even realize they are looking at an Arnage coupe. The Bentley Arnage T is shown here in the ultra-rare (and completely non-existent) two-door version. This coupe features a 20-inch version of the Arnage T’s sporty 19-inch 5-spoke wheels. The rear doors have been removed to make room for the stretched front doors. The top has been chopped about an inch to give the Arnage coupe a sleek profile. Bentley’s Mulliner division should have produced a few of these; it would have been great to see driving on the road.


Custom Bentley Arnage T Coupe… because the internet needs more cool stuff.

If you want to see more sick custom rides, leave a comment and let me know your ideas.


What Coolant Should I Use For a 2004 Bentley Arnage T?

Question: What Coolant Should I Use For a 2004 Bentley Arnage T?
Answer: BMW Antifreeze/Coolant (Blue)

Vehicle: 2004 Bentley Arnage T (6.75 Liter V8 Twin Turbo)

Recently, the ENGINE COOLANT notification lit up on my dashboard, indicating that the coolant level was low. Had this been in my old Toyota 4Runner, I would have kicked off the reservoir cap, spit down the tank, slap the cap back on and call it a day! That might be a bit of hyperbole, but I certainly wouldn’t have lost any sleep over such a problem. The Bentley, however- that’s a different story. Low engine coolant can be indicative of something as minor as needing to add a little coolant- or something major like a blown head gasket!


Located under the hood are two labels (next to each tank) that read as follows:


Use only anti-freeze/coolant purchased from a
Rolls-Royce Franchise Holder – Part number UE70936
Concentration 50% antifreeze/coolant and 50% water
Check anti-freeze/coolant before every winter

If you are like me, you are uncomfortable with the two different spellings of “anti-freeze” and “antifreeze” on the same label. Not exactly the level of perfection I expect from Bentley/Rolls, but I guess I am being too picky- and this is beside the point of this article. 🙂

In the interest of being overly careful, I took the car to a Rolls-Royce/Bentley specialist and he recommended draining and refilling the coolant with BMW blue coolant (which is likely the exact same formula as the Bentley-labeled supply). The aluminum engine requires the blue antifreeze. Using the wrong type of coolant can cause a chemical reaction with engine components causing a premature, and costly failure.

There are two coolant tanks under the hood which are highlighted in this photo. NEVER CHECK COOLANT LEVELS ON A HOT ENGINE. Check the levels of each tank. Both of these tanks can be observed with the engine cover panel on or off.

Here is the video about my ENGINE COOLANT light experience. I must confess, I was a bit nervous initially. Fortunately, this turned out to be a minor issue and was quickly corrected.

I am just a guy on the internet. I am not a mechanic. Follow my advice at your own risk. Consult your owner manual or a specialist for professional advice.