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WATCH: The Bentley Arnage Challenge!


Blue or Silver Bentley Arnage T – Which Looks Better?

Recently, I received an email alert that this 2004 Bentley Arnage T was for sale locally. Since these cars do not come up for sale often (locally), I thought I would take a look to see if it was worth trading into. The mileage is similar to my Arnage, and I really love the blue exterior. As an added bonus, this was a 1-owner car, whereas my car has several previous owners.

Overall, the car looks to be in excellent mechanical condition. The exterior and interior could use a thorough detail. If you are interested in this car, I will include a link below. This car is located at Starwood Motors in Dallas, TX. Ask for KC. He let me put the car through its paces. He also told me if I send him a buyer, he would buy me a steak!

As with any used car purchase, always get a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) from a trusted professional. This car looked great to me, but remember, I’m just a guy on the internet, and my advice is worth exactly what you paid for it!


Bentley Arnage Recalls & Service Campaigns

Whether you are shopping for a Bentley Arnage or uncertain about your own vehicle’s history, it is important to know whether the appropriate recall and service campaigns have been performed. Below are the details of several campaigns that I have researched. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, so visit an authorized Bentley service shop or Bentley specialist to verify your car has been properly serviced.

DISCLAIMER: As always, remember that I am just a guy on the internet. If you have any questions about the safety of your vehicle, please contact a reliable professional. I am a Bentley enthusiast; I am not a reliable professional.

To check if any applicable campaigns affect your Bentley Arnage,
use this VIN Checker.

Recall description labels are located under the hood on the passenger side (US) near the windshield.

Recall description labels will be afixed beneath the VIN, aligned to the left or right.

Some vehicles may have 2 description labels if multiple recall services have been preformed.

Recall Campaign: RE 02/02
Vehicle: 2002 Bentley Arnage T (US)
Upgrade Engine Control Module

This issue affected a small number of 2002 Arnage T models that were equipped with Bosch engine control and the GM4L80 transmission. Certain scan tools were unable to read engine and transmission data. If your Arnage has been serviced for this recall, there will be a label affixed below the VIN and aligned to the left.

The label contains the text: RE 02/02 COMPLETE or similar.

Recall Campaign: RE 03/03
Vehicle: Bentley Arnage (multiple variants)
Inspect Brake & Fuel Pipes

The clearance of the brake pipe, fuel pipe, and brake modulator cannot exceed a specific range. If your Arnage has been serviced for this recall, there will be a label affixed below the VIN and aligned to the left.

The label contains the text: RE 03/03 COMPLETE or similar.

Recall Campaign: RE 04/02
Vehicle: Bentley Arnage (multiple variants)
Install Fuel Pipe Safety Clips

As an additional safety measure, safety clips were fitted on the fuel quick-connectors located under the hood. In the event that the quick-connectors were not properly fastened, fuel could leak in the engine compartment- creating a fire risk. If your Arnage has been serviced for this recall, there will be a label affixed below the VIN and aligned to the right.

The label contains the text: RE 04/02 COMPLETE or similar.

Service Campaign: SC 05/07
Primary & Secondary Coolant Expansion Tank Caps

The pressure caps on the primary and secondary coolant tanks look very similar. However, each cap has a small figure stamped on its top surface. The cap for the primary tank contains “3.5” and the secondary tank contains “1.6”. It is important to have the caps on the correct tank.

If this service has been performed, a blue sticker will be placed on the cap of the primary expansion tank. This not only serves as an indication that the service campaign has been addressed, but it is also a useful visual indicator that the caps are not mixed up.

The blue sticker can be seen on the top of the cap.


That Being Said – superspeedersRob Exposed!

Today, Mr. Spaghetti gets exposed! That being said… Sorry to expose you Rob, but I figured it out: Rob is short for robot. In this supercut video, Rob the Robot finally glitches out!

superspeedersRob is one of my favorite automotive YouTubers. He operates the exotic car rental firm, Gotham Dream Cars. His entertaining videos cover subjects ranging from business to clothing, but he mostly talks about high-end exotic cars.

superspeedersRob Channel:

Happy April 1st, everybody!


49 Things I Love About My Bentley | Owning A Bentley Arnage – Video 10

It’s time for the latest installment of the Bentley Arnage series!

Here are the top 49 things I love about my 2004 Bentley Arnage T. My first draft had well over 49 items, but I had to trim it down or this video would have been too long. As I mentioned in the video “8 Things I Hate About My Bentley,” this video has a lot of items!


YouTube Certified Master Automobile Technician Patch

Holy cow! I saw this online recently and thought it was a hilarious idea…

With so many self-proclaimed car experts on the internet these days (such as myself), it’s nice to know that you can become YouTube certified for the mere price of a jacket patch. I don’t know who the original creator of this patch is, as there are already several knock-off versions, but kudos for this clever idea!