Shmee150 “Cheers” Shmontage – Video

The most difficult part about creating this parody video was deciding whether to call it a Shmontage or a Shmeme. The following super-cut video contains footage from the video collection of YouTube car enthusiast Shmee150.

Shmee150 has the unique opportunity to drive some of the world’s most interesting cars. His own collection contains amazing exotic cars from high-end manufacturers such as Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin and others. He graciously shares the experience with his 1,000,000+ subsribers!

“Hi guys I’m Shmee” & “Cheers” is featured at the beginning and end of almost every Shmee video. The rare “Hi Shmee I’m guys” intro was a joke for regular viewers of the Shmee150 channel. I found it hilarious, but almost didn’t notice!

Check out Shmee’s YouTube channel here:

If there is any doubt, this video was created in good-spirit. Shmee150 is another one of my favorite YouTubers and I enjoy the chance to see some of the worlds most fascinating cars, up close. Feel free to check out the other supercut videos I’ve created featuring other popular YouTube personalities in the automotive genre. More are coming soon.

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