How to Replace Recirculation Cabin Filters on a Bentley Arnage

Time Required: 15 minutes (excluding drying time)
Tools Required: Flat-head screwdriver
Cost: $0 – $30.00

Parts (if required):

  • Aftermarket – Filters: BEHR/BMW 64118391385
  • Genuine Bentley – Filters: PA29942PA

The cabin recirculation filters should be cleaned or replaced while performing the replacement of the charcoal-activated pollen filters under the hood. The Bentley Arnage service schedule requires replacing the filters every year or 10,000 miles (which ever comes first). Changing the cabin filters can accomplished in about 15 minutes (excluding the drying time after cleaning the filters).

The cabin filters are often an overlooked maintenance item on these cars. It is important to keep these filters in good working order because clogged filters create a lot of strain on the blower motor inside the climate system and could cause failure. Replacing the blower motor on the Bentley Arnage is costly job due to the amount of labor required. The entire dashboard needs to be removed in order to access the components; so be sure to regularly inspect your cabin recirculation filters.

The climate control system in this 2004 Bentley Arnage T is the same system found in many BMW cars from the same era. It is located behind the dashboard. The filters are located on the left and right of the unit and can be accessed from the footwells of the car.

Here is the recirculation filter on the driver side (U.S. spec). The filter is in the same position on the passenger side.

Use a small flat-head screwdriver to disengage the tab at the bottom of the filter. Once the tab is released, pull the filter downward. Inspect the filter. Check to make sure the filter seal is completely intact. Also check the filter fabric for excessive wear or holes. If the filter is damaged, replace the filter with a new one. If the filter is dirty but in good shape, proceed to the next step of washing the filter.

Remove the filter guard that holds the filter fabric in place.

Using cold running water, gently wash the filter. Do not be too aggressive or cause any damage to the material. Let the water do the work. The main objective is to remove all the debris from the fabric. Once the filter is clean, set it aside to dry thoroughly. Once the filters are dry, reassemble the components.

Reinstall the filters into the car. When fitting the filters, insert the top end first then snap the bottom tab into place. The filter should be seated firmly in place. The filter should not move of wiggle after it has been installed.

Make sure to clean or replace the filters on both sides of the climate unit.

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