So You’ve Decided to Stalk Josh Kryzak

Josh KryzakNow I know what you’re thinking, “who cares about this Josh Kryzak guy, why would anybody want to waste their time reading about him or his zany adventures? Is he famous; has he accomplished anything great?” Well the answer to all of that is no- but the fact remains: you’re already several lines deep on this page and you haven’t left yet, so you might as well stick around for the rest.

My name is Josh Kryzak. I am a car enthusiast, web developer, and all-round nice guy conveniently located in the central time zone of the United States. My hobbies include: reading about cars that I cannot afford, internet surfing, selling things for more than I paid, and eating. My favorite music genre is one-hit wonders, and I don’t like most of the movies I see.

About Josh’s World

Josh’s World is where I post the latest happenings in my life. Common subjects I cover include: cars, food, stuff that annoys me, stuff that I like, and random miscellaneous thoughts… but mostly cars.

You may have noticed that I have not posted an email address on this site. That’s mainly because spam robots are out to destroy us all. But I still encourage you to communicate with me by leaving comments. Without comments, I have no idea if anybody is feeding on my pro-Josh propaganda.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and this amazing website.  Without viewers like you, this site would just be wasted keystrokes in a heap of internet garbage. Mediocre content would go unread, and you would probably be doing something far more productive with your time.