82 Dream Garage Photos (part 1)

How much time to I waste thinking about the Dream Garage? Probably too much. I’ve compiled some of the nicest garage photos I’ve found on the internet below. Many times when I see a cool photo on the web, I save it (so this collection of images has been years in the making).

Disclaimer: I do not own these photos. If you are the owner of a photo below and wish to have it removed, please contact me and I will do so. But please don’t do that! Your photo is awesome and needs to be shared with the world! I will gladly credit you as the owner and link to your site, just let me know.

Exterior Photos:

Ferrari F40 Garage
A nice areal shot of a large garage with a yellow Ferrari F40

7 Car Garage
7 Garage Doors

Stone Garage
Nice stone work with 3 garage doors

Barn Garage
Barn Garage

Unusual Design with Santa Fe look

Simple design for the muscle cars

Stone Garage
More nice stone work

Old Gas Station – This photo is from HOTRODDERS.COM

4 Garage Door Building – This photo is from Lugnut2683 at e46fanatics.com

Wooden Garage
Nice Wood Exterior, possibly cedar

Stone Garage
Nice stone garage with beautiful paver driveway

Bridge Garage
Is that driveway a bridge?

Snowy Garage
I think I just like this one because there is snow!

Translucent Garage Doors
Translucent Garage Doors

Modern Style Garage
Modern Style with Grass Driveway

Modern Garage
Modern Style

See Thru Garage
See-Through Garage

Nice and Clean Garage Photos:

Double Lifts

Lodge Style Garage
Lodge Garage

Garage Tiles
Garage Floor Tiling


Clean Garage
A Clean Palette

Chevy Garage
Chevy Lovers’ Garage

Now, let’s bring on the dream cars. It is sometimes hard to tell if I actually like the garage, or does a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce just make any garage look good? You be the judge.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


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  • d graham

    Thank you… great pics and amazing spaces.

  • Nice. Keep these coming…

  • Steve

    Came looking for ideas to transform my own precast concrete structure and found garage porn! Please find more pictures like these and keep mere automotive mortals, like me, dreaming.

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