82 Dream Garage Photos (part 1)

How much time to I waste thinking about the Dream Garage? Probably too much. I’ve compiled some of the nicest garage photos I’ve found on the internet below. Many times when I see a cool photo on the web, I save it (so this collection of images has been years in the making).

Disclaimer: I do not own these photos. If you are the owner of a photo below and wish to have it removed, please contact me and I will do so. But please don’t do that! Your photo is awesome and needs to be shared with the world! I will gladly credit you as the owner and link to your site, just let me know.

Exterior Photos:

Ferrari F40 Garage
A nice areal shot of a large garage with a yellow Ferrari F40

7 Car Garage
7 Garage Doors

Stone Garage
Nice stone work with 3 garage doors

Barn Garage
Barn Garage

Unusual Design with Santa Fe look

Simple design for the muscle cars

Stone Garage
More nice stone work

Old Gas Station – This photo is from HOTRODDERS.COM

4 Garage Door Building – This photo is from Lugnut2683 at e46fanatics.com

Wooden Garage
Nice Wood Exterior, possibly cedar

Stone Garage
Nice stone garage with beautiful paver driveway

Bridge Garage
Is that driveway a bridge?

Snowy Garage
I think I just like this one because there is snow!

Translucent Garage Doors
Translucent Garage Doors

Modern Style Garage
Modern Style with Grass Driveway

Modern Garage
Modern Style

See Thru Garage
See-Through Garage

Nice and Clean Garage Photos:

Double Lifts

Lodge Style Garage
Lodge Garage

Garage Tiles
Garage Floor Tiling


Clean Garage
A Clean Palette

Chevy Garage
Chevy Lovers’ Garage

Now, let’s bring on the dream cars. It is sometimes hard to tell if I actually like the garage, or does a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce just make any garage look good? You be the judge.

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3 thoughts on “82 Dream Garage Photos (part 1)

  1. Steve

    Came looking for ideas to transform my own precast concrete structure and found garage porn! Please find more pictures like these and keep mere automotive mortals, like me, dreaming.

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