Bentley Arnage Coupe – Two-door Arnage T

In case anybody is looking for the sickest Bentley Arnage, here it is! At first glance, most people do not even realize they are looking at an Arnage coupe. The Bentley Arnage T is shown here in the ultra-rare (and completely non-existent) two-door version. This coupe features a 20-inch version of the Arnage T’s sporty 19-inch 5-spoke wheels. The rear doors have been removed to make room for the stretched front doors. The top has been chopped about an inch to give the Arnage coupe a sleek profile. Bentley’s Mulliner division should have produced a few of these; it would have been great to see driving on the road.


Custom Bentley Arnage T Coupe… because the internet needs more cool stuff.

If you want to see more sick custom rides, leave a comment and let me know your ideas.


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