Rips Off Customers – Price Increase $85 to $195

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I’ve always liked personalized license plates. When I was a kid, it was amusing to try and figure out the riddle of a cryptic plate. When I bought my first car in college, I went to the local tax office to find out how to get personalized plates. Since then, I’ve had them on almost every car I’ve owned.

A couple years ago I was excited to learn about new personalized license plate designs from, a private vendor for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. I decided to get one of the newly designed plates, even though it was a bit expensive at $95 per year. The personalized plates I had in the past were ordered directly from the Texas DMV in Austin, at $40 per year. So even though the price was higher, I thought I would be cool to have one of the new designs. Fast-forward about a year and a half later and I receive this letter (see below) informing me that if I want to renew my plate, the renewal rate is $155 per year. And other specialty plates will increase from $85 to $195 per year! Since this is the only vendor with which the State of Texas has a relationship, it looks like I am stuck. It’s not like I can run to a competitor. I certainly don’t want to pay $155 per year for plates, in addition to regular registration fees. How can the state promote a company that does this? What is to stop from increasing the price to $255, $355, or heck, why not $1000? It’s quite aggravating to me.

My attempt at a solution: I’m going to see if I can register the same plate number with the state, instead of the misguided folks at I will keep you posted, but as for now, it seems has a license to rip you off.

P.S. As of the posting date of this article, “RIPOFF” is available for purchase.

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46 thoughts on “ Rips Off Customers – Price Increase $85 to $195

  1. Upset

    Have you heard from Tx DMV ?

    I too think it is a RIP OFF!!

    If this is the state’s specialty license plate program I think they should look for another vendor. They offer no reason for such an increase.

  2. Josh Post author

    I’ve contacted the TxDMV to complain. They said they record the complaint. Who knows what good that will do. If you’ve taken the time to read this post, please take the time to complain yourself. Call the number above and complain. Also, if you have a Facebook account, make your feelings known by leaving a comment on the Facebook Fan Page.

  3. Daniel

    Do you happen to know that the state contracted the vendor MyPlates to raise money for the Revenue fund of Texas? Why would they lower the prices if that is helping Texas. Also the state is who sets the prices for MyPlates. I had an $85 dollar white plate. I called the state to ask what happened? The state had them change that white plate to its original price of $195 in order for MyPlates to meet the quota they have guaranteed the state in the contract they have. You don’t go to a dealership and ask why they raise the prices on the cars every year. From the blog you posted it also sounds like you lost a plate you had from the state at the “grandfathered in” isn’t it your fault for not renewing the plate on time?

  4. Josh Post author

    @Daniel, did you read this post? I’m not sure that you did. What part of this post makes you think I lost the plate I had from the state? What part of this post makes you think I did not renew my plate on time? I’m confused on how you reached these conclusions. I re-read my post and I wasn’t able to see anything about losing my plate or not renewing on time. Do you have some secret password that unlocks the internet and shows words I didn’t type? If you do, can you tell me the secret password?

  5. The Chosen Few

    Josh – get a life. The program will raise over $25 million for the state. This is money that the state DID NOT have until it sourced the plate program. And guess what, it does not cost the state a dime.

    Have you ever thought that this program is actually benefiting Texans by putting more money in the kitty to keep our roads maintained and safe??

    You should do more research if you are going to make public comments. Actually, don’t bother. I am sure all 4 people that read your blog actually would care wither way.

  6. Josh Post author

    Hi Mr. Few, Next time read the article. I actually like the program. It’s the price increase to existing customers that I don’t like. And thanks for being my 5th blog viewer.

  7. Josh Post author

    50% off promotional code cuts the new pricing in half, however the “white” plates would still cost more than the original price. The search for that coupon code has been fruitless. If anybody has any promo codes, please comment.

  8. jose jesus hernandez

    I did start looking into changing my ” ylrflr ” personal plates to another message but stopped after finding out they went up 100 %. Chauk-up a ” Lost Sale “.

  9. C.

    This does suck. I had two personalized plates before. One in Cali the other in Louisiana. Beiieve me the prices were no where near what they are asking in this state. Oh, by the way you owned the plate for LIFE…….

  10. Allen

    Wow. I’m amazed that people will get on here and declare that they don’t mind paying almost $200.00 per year for a personalized plate! I relocated to Texas in 2007 and I had a personalized plate from Pennsylvania that I had duplicated down here. I’m grandfathered in and pay just $40.00 per year for the basic white plate. It’s still a ripoff because they charge that fee every year, whereas in PA it was a one time fee of at most $60.00.

    I know they have layaway plans now and the annual cost is less if you pay multiple years in advance, but it still seems like greed to me. Sure the fancy colors are nice and it optimizes customization, but it’s not worth an amount some people might pay for auto insurance. I mean, it’s a vanity plate! At worst the State of Texas should give people an option: $40 – $60 for the basic white plate OR $$$ for the designer MyPlate. Right now, anyone who wants a vanity plate is forced to plunk down $195.00, and that isn’t right no matter where they claim the money is going. Greed stinks.

  11. MIGUEL

    First time I try to order a plate from “” I was ready to check out and I see the price for One year olmost $400.00 dolars you think I’m paying that much you’re crazy.

  12. Jeff

    I totally agree with you Josh and I did go to their site and complain. My fb name is Jeff. You should check it out. I gave them hell! I told my friends about the prices and they wouldn’t believe me. They swore it was still $40 until I showed them proof on my iPhone. I would love to know if you were able to get plates directly from the state?

  13. Jeff

    Oh and I didn’t have to ‘like’ their fb page in order to leave a comment. I also found that you can in fact get a 5 character personalized plate from TxDMV for $80 a year as long as it is associated with a group or sports team.

  14. Therese

    Can you get the personalized plate directly through the DMV?

  15. TERRY

    I have lived in Texas getting personal license plate for 40 years and never before I have observe such expensive cost as charges.

    Well $595.00 for 10 yrs to much for my personal plates after I spent only $40.00 previous years and $10.00 30 years ago.

    Good Luck

  16. David Fontenot

    That is why I did not renew my plates that I’d had for 2 years.

  17. Nick

    I’m with you. 85 for a 5 letter combo or 200 a year for a chat saying on the back.

    To the DMV employees ( Daniel and the chosen few ) It’s a rip off and you’re just trolling because you enjoy being gouged to help buy Perry’s seat on the Texas A&M board.

    I won’t be buying one for 200 and I think everyone should ban the site.

  18. Paul

    I had a personalized college tag with the DMV for about 11 years paying $70.00 a year. Add it up, that’s over $770 bucks.

    I then moved my message to a black plate with My Plates and locked it in for another 10 years at only $595. That includes the plate design and the personalization. So, if you’re prepared to keep your tag for as long as I am, then it’s a good deal.

    The one year prices are too expensive for a personalized plate, I agree. I’d suggest the multi year plates and also look at their layaway plan, it’s also a good deal, no costs and can cancel anytime.

    Since getting the black plate, I have had many positive comments and now thinking about getting another for my wife’s car.

  19. Josh Post author

    My complaint is not about MyPlates pricing for new customers. My complaint is that MyPlates told its existing customers that if you want to keep your plate longer, the new rate is more than doubled.

  20. debbie

    I do not understand what “less than $30.00” means when I checked out it was $195.00 for 1 year??? There is no explanation. Does anyone know what I can do to purchase these plates for the $30/price through the DMV?

  21. Eva

    All I can say is WOW, I too wanted to get new plates but the rates are unbelievable. I have personal plates but mines are the grandfather ones. Can not afford these new plates.
    So Debbie if you find plates for $30.00 let me know.

  22. Radar O"Riley

    Our moron state representatives have approved this, and pardon my pun, but this is HIGHWAY ROBBERY.
    Texas is going to lose money because fewer people will be getting personalized plates.

    Our state representative by the way GET FREE license plates.
    Theirs should all read “I AM RICH”…

  23. mrst777

    Wow, was going to get one till I read this blog. I came from cali and you paid a small fee and had them for life. Crazy. Stupid ass greedy people. If it supposed to go to roads and and stuff why are so many roads in such bad shape?

  24. Chris Johnson

    Wow I have never seen so many delusional a*holes. The plates are a ripoff. Money going to roads??? LMAO get real that’s what they always say but my property taxes have not gone down, Toll Road prices go up, and the only road widening they do is for TOLL ROADS so where is the money going. To the yacht, summer home, vacation, and the Christmas party fund of TEXAS. As others say, it’s stupid to pay every year you should own it. But the good ‘ol boys in Texas just go for it all. Get screwed and defend the guy that’s bending them over. And you wonder why it’s so hard to get the Super Bowl and other big events to this state. GREEDY SOB’s, SMH.

  25. Robert jefferson

    Greed killed the middle class. This is yet another story of how much can one put on a camel’s back before it falls to its knees. It’s not just MyPlate it’s the millionaires’ and billionaires’ assault on the middle class. We pay too much for EVERYTHING. We pay too much for the damn car the plates are going on. They charge us to listen to the radio in those cars and so-called free radio is worse than getting hit with gamma rays from space, listening to all those commercials to buy yet more over priced items. We pay too much for EVERYTHING. Did your parents pay to watch TV? Did the networks charge extra when color came out? How much personal wealth was not lost by your parents by not having to use cell phones, laptops and intergreed network? And isn’t your home 10 times the cost of your parents? Is not your car 10 times the price of your parents? Do you make 10 times what they made? We pay too much for EVERYTHING! You know I can handle a man or woman wanting to be a millionaire this is America after all. But a billion is a bit much. Simply put, if I paid you 50,000 dollars a year, how long would it take for me to pay you 1 billion dollars? Answer: 20,000 years. And yet we have butt loads of people that have amassed this much wealth. Look if you want to be a billionaire or even a well healed multi-millionaire you must employ these two strategies. First you must over charge everyone and secondly you must underpay everyone that works for you. To have millions and billions in profit bears witness to my claim. Whatever it is you are selling you could have sold it cheaper and whoever is employed by these people could have been paid much more. Oh but no…you want to be a multi-millionaire and billionaire. Greed killed the middle class and not even President Obama can make us solvent again. We must do so ourselves we must learn how to fight back whenever possible. Thanks Josh


  26. Cheryl

    Thanks for having this blog! won a contest on their page and am on a fixed income. Glad I didnt go create a 195.00 value plate only to find out next year that I cant afford the renewal. Looked all over their site to find out what the renewal fees were, to no avail. Googled it and look what I found? your post.. Thank you for saving me money and frustration

  27. Josh Post author

    Glad you found the site, Cheryl. That contest prize doesn’t sound so great if you plan on keeping that plate. I sometimes see coupon codes or promo offers for $55 off or get the first year for free, but it’s easy to resist.

  28. shannon

    was about to order a plate when I ran across your thread and made me take pause. I just chatted with an agent on my plates. they told me if I did the one year plate (for what I chose was $85.00) the renewal fee would be 85.00 and there would not be any price increase. Still hesitant.

  29. Josh Post author

    “My Plates reserves the right to change the price of Plates from time to time without notice.”

    Seems the agent is either unaware of the terms, or attempting to deceive you into buying the plate.

  30. Lynnette

    Hi Josh, thanks for posting this information. I’ve had personlized plates since 2008 and pay $40 a year for them. I wanted to change my plates from the boring white background to black plates but imagine my surprise when I found out the new charge would be $195 a year! There is a chat option with a MyPlates rep and here is the explanation she gave for the price increase:

    Sarah: The $40 pricing was actually repealed during legislative session in 2009. State legislatures felt like specialty plates were a not only a great way for Texans to express themselves, but also to raise much needed money for the State General Fund. While our 1 year pricing may seem daunting, our 5 and 10 year prices are actually very much in line with the old personalized plate fees, those offered by the State. ”

    So if I don’t mind committing to ten years I only have to pay $59 for a black colored plate. No refunds for unused years if you end up moving out of the state before the end of 10 years.

    Even though the black plates would have looked awesome on my customized car, I just can’t justify that kind of expense. So I will continue to pay $40 a year for my boring white ones.

    I do agree that the state of Texas has got to be losing a lot of revenue generated from personalized plates with these outrageously high prices.

  31. Heidi

    I asked MyPlates for a coupon code and this what they offered:

    Chat Transcript
    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
    Thank you for visiting I will be happy to assist you with your plates today online. May I please have your first name?

    Customer: Heidi
    Amanda: Good morning, Heidi!
    Customer: Good morning to you!
    Amanda: How may I assist you in placing your order online with MyPlates today?
    Customer: Can you assist me with a promotion code. There is a box for one and I can’t find one online.
    Amanda: We do offer a promo code that works with the purchase of a 5 or 10 year term in any category. It will send you a $20 gift card to use on a future purchase at a later date. It will also send you a set of plate frames.
    Customer: Oh! Well I was hoping for something that will help me with this purchase for a 5 year plate. Is there nothing else in your bag of tricks?
    Customer: Amanda, are you still here? 🙂
    Amanda: This is the only promo code we have to offer. Our 5 and 10 year term prices offer you a great savings!
    Customer: Thank you for checking into that for me. Have a great day.
    Amanda: I will be happy to walk you through placing your order online today! What message are you interested in today?
    Customer: Thank you anyway. Even on layaway, I find it a bit too pricy for me. Good day to you.

  32. Sing Like a Canary

    OK, so I’m here due to the new “publicy commercial” so I thought about getting a specaility plate.

    Damn! I hope the State of Texas is not paying a dime for these ads!!! The marketing stradey is good, but the product is outrageously over priced!!!

    I think the State might actually LOSE money from this program initiative to expand the speciality license plate program offered to citizens of Texas State!! Geez! I’d like to see a trending Annual Comparistion Report to contain the number of speciality plates issued in the past 20 years thru the next 10 years. Let’s see how much the State is really RACKING in from this program!! And audit where exactly the monies are going!!! Hummm….someone out there can take THAT up as a grass roots effort!! 🙂 Austin has TONS of grass roots loving people!

    Thanks for the post…I WAS considering. In an attempt to locate the renewal costs, your blog came up 🙂
    1. Outrageous prices. Makes me wish I got vanity plates 30 years ago, when I thought $40 was a bit steep for something so trivial.
    2. I agree at that personal plates should be for life like other states!
    3. Thank you for sharing what the TRUE renewal cost is.

  33. julian

    you nobody is forcing anyone to buy this customized plates. what do you expect its business things wont always stay low not even at wal mart.

  34. Moon

    hey Josh you aint a Joshin I ordered three plates two for my bikes and one for my truck, I put them on layaway paid them off in december and they continued to charge my debit card through august so thats $165.00 per month for 8 months they sent me a check for $ 250.00 They wouldn’t even give me an additional plate for my new car …. They also charged me for an entire year for each to be registered when i only had them for 7 months, all I can say is Im in the wrong business for sure! someone who has some cash is going to sue the hell out of them soon it might just be me, if I win the lotto you can bank on that ! everyone who was screwed will bee refunded all the money the were screwed out of< ill sees to that!!! plus interest! Check this out a 5% discount on one site! Greed will get a person in a whole lot of trouble!

  35. Jessica

    I just ordered some online for a 10 year contract ….. Should I Be scared ???

  36. Josh Post author

    Hey Jessica, you shouldn’t be scared since they can’t raise the price on your ten-year contract. I hope you used a coupon code to save some money. Enter promo code TENYR50 during checkout and receive a $50 rebate when you purchase a 10-year term plate (good thru Sept. 30, 2014).

  37. HC

    Well I just fell into this trap. 2014_10-20. I checked the availability of the plate and once I did felt I had to commit before the opportunity for the plate was gone. I had to do it for the betterment of my business – expecting $150 the first year and $80 afterwards…. but had (decided) to commit to 10 years. Now – figure I year @ $400 and I know I will do year 2 – so there is $800 for 2 years.

    I have other personalized plates that must be grandfathered… I think it is $40 or $60 a year… reasonable. But I have had them since 1980…. a good customer don’t ya think?……

    Whoever posted “this is xx million for the State of Texas”, … Get real… Semper Fi and all that stuff – but fact is – $800 for plates? come on. You must work for the State (or … and we all see how all too many of those workers ‘work’, I mean drag the feet… Sorry – just stating what I see.

    Do research – and I am not sure – but check at DMV before doing – hopefully there is a better, more fairly priced way. Possibly 7 letters are only available from MyPLates – but do your checking – which I should have done.

    Love Texas, Love USA, but that doesn’t mean I should be raped to get a set of license plates for my car.

  38. Stece Jones

    I recently ordered my third set of plates, a set of Breast Cancer plates for my wife. They were only $50 a year or it could go down to $35 a year if I purchased the longer 5 year term. I did not think that was badly priced at all.

    My first plates were purchased some years back, maybe 5 years ago and they were a lot more expensive than they are now. I think they recently dropped their prices.


    need to go back to 35 dollars a year they all agree with all of these prices are way too high they got greedy

  40. Gary Schroeder

    We were purchasing the five year plates, CASH and had a valid coupon that when activated, directed you to Did not work so I chated, what a ripoff; after several attempts it was very clear they would not consider honoring the promo code (said they had never heard of the code) and before you enter your plate request with this rip off company, check you home state availability, because in Texas Myplates is tied to the TexDot and you cannot get them from TexDot once you put your request into the MyPlates This is just one more sorry government functioning organization with the protection of our state government for personal profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Patrick

    Going back to a regular plate:
    fyi: No option to not renew online without the specialty plate and phoning them to change it wont work. You have to go into the office and get a new standard plate.

    I got a 5yr custom black plate with white star and the format option of XXX ### originally. That was good as black plate on my black car plus only 6 characters for me to remember and since I picked the letters and numbers, easy to remember. It was like $50 or so for each year.

    Renewal now. They have me set for another 5 years and my registration is over $500. aggh. myplates got rid of their custom option like this and put you into their personalized category, besides raising the base cost up to that $150 per year. So going back to the standard plates. Not worth it!

    Don’t complain to the DMV, you’d have more sympathy from the devil. Just if it is too high a price like I think more and more will say, then don’t purchase it or renew.

    If you are looking for promo codes , I see some on their facebook page listed above. But I recommend you avoid it.

  42. Bobby

    Does this website even work? I can’t reach it. What a joke.

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