This is where you will find all the audio files that Josh’s World fans love- including tracks from critically ignored group Albert Worthington. Also, a new feature to Josh’s World: Josh’s Voicemail. You will hear actual voicemail messages from real callers. Classic calls such as “Josh, It’s Ken from High School” and “Josh, Did You Take the Extension Cord?” or who can forget “Happy Anniversary from Aunt Susie.”

Josh’s Voicemail

Voicemail – Chris, RE: Llano aka The Day the Music Died

Voicemail – Wrong Number

Voicemail – Sarah’s Invitation

Voicemail – Nick Sleeps In

Voicemail – My Tax Returns

Voicemail – Aunt Susie calls to say Happy Anniversary

Voicemail – Carter has a question

Voicemail – Katy sings to Keely

Voicemail – Ken wants me to hear something

Voicemail – Mom and the extension cord mystery

Voicemail – Courtney is lost

Voicemail – Mom, Uh, Flights, Um…

Albert Worthington – A Fake Band

In 2001, Ken and I started a fake band. So far it is just me and him, but we still rock. We are currently called Albert Worthington. I have started a campaign to change the name, but until we can both agree on something, we are Albert Worthington. Our music style is hard to classify. I would call it “pretend rock-star.” You can judge for yourself, download the latest tracks from Albert Worthington below. By the way, we speed up our songs 40%.

Update: Several weeks after the formation of Albert Worthington, the group disbanded. Cited reasons involve lawyers, royalties, and other music industry jargon. Since the break-up, the bootleg demo CDs have skyrocketed in value. Josh’s World is not aware of any reunion talks, but fans remain hopeful.

Subject Line

Red Head Day

I Think We’re Alone Now

Pop-up Ads

Charles In Charge

Superstar Comforter

Earth Angel



It’s Over

Countdown Instrumental

Instrumental Interlude

Rockin’ in the Free World

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