Acura TL Blower Stopped Working: Fix

How to Repair Blower Motor Issue

Time Required: 20 minutes
Tools Required: Phillips screwdriver
Cost to Repair: $45.00

Description of Problem
Last week the blower for the A/C and heater stopped working on my 2003 Acura TL Type-S. The climate control unit will turn on, but you cannot feel the air because the blower will not blow. I tried turning it on Full Auto in both the hot and cold settings, nothing. I turned the fan knob to max and still nothing. When you turn the climate control unit on, you can hear the compressor under the hood turn on. The problem is clearly the blower not turning on.

The Repair
After some online research, I learned that much like the seat heater problem, this too is a common issue for the Acura TL (as well as other Honda and Acura models). A friend had this same issue with his Acura TSX. The solution: Replace the blower resistor.

Disclaimer / Precautions
I am not a mechanic. Follow my advice at your own risk. This repair is easy and cheap- so don’t be scared. Be sure to disconnect the battery, wear safety glasses, put on gloves, tie your shoes, chew with your mouth closed, and any other safety stuff that makes you not sue me.

Let’s begin!

Most of the time, the problem is that the blower resistor needs to be replaced. But first check to make sure the issue is not something else like a blown fuse or corroded connector. The blower fuse is located under the hood (it is close to the firewall on the passenger side for my model). The fuse is labeled “Heater Motor” on the fuse cover.
Acura TL Owner's Manual

If the fuse looks good, move on to the blower inside the car. The blower motor is located below the glove box. Notice the giant yellow arrow pointing to the location.
Acura TL Dashboard

Here you can see the blower motor and the blower motor resistor.
Acura TL AC/Heater Blower

Disconnect the wiring connector from the blower motor to make sure there isn’t any corrosion or connection issues. Sometimes corroded connectors will cause the failure. These are clean, this is not the problem… On to the blower resistor.
Blower Connector

Follow the wiring harness from the blower motor to the blower motor resistor. It is a white plastic trapezoidal-ish piece that is fastened by two Phillips head screws. Remove the two screws that fasten the blower resistor in place. This will allow you to pull the blower resistor down and disconnect the wires.
Remove Blower Resistor

Gently pull the blower resistor down and disconnect the wiring connector. Here is a close up of the resistor after it has been removed. These connectors look clean too.
AC Heater Blower Resistor Connector

The metal side of the blower resistor had some crud on it. I don’t know if this was any indication of it being broken or not.
Blower Resistor rear view

Replace the blower resistor with a new one. This part can be purchased at most auto parts stores. I paid $41.99 plus tax at AutoZone. To reinstall the part, simply screw the resistor back into place with the two screws. Reconnect all the wiring and test by turning on the climate control fan.
Remove Blower Resistor

It should work perfectly now. If you continue to have issues, you might need to visit your mechanic.

Did this repair worked for you? Please leave a comment below and include the year, make and model of your car OR share this fix with other Acura/Honda Owners:

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This post was added April 8, 2014

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Bowling ball after initial hit with 7.62 x 54R round from Mosin Nagant

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Happy 2012!

Well here we are, December 10th of 2012 and I am now just getting around to the first post of the year. If you need more updates, I cannot stress enough- the importance of visiting my tumblr. It has been a busy year, and while I might not have posted much on, the site is still getting a nice share of visitors. I love reading all the positive comments people are leaving, especially on the Acura seat heater repair article. It is also nice to see all the supportive feedback regarding the personalize plates debacle. I want to create more content that is helpful to people, so that is a new goal for the future of this website.


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